In case you’ve bought a web hosting package and you’ve got some enquiries connected to a concrete feature/function, or in case you have encountered some predicament and you need help, you should be able to touch base with the respective customer support staff. All web hosts deploy a ticketing system no matter if they offer other means of contacting them aside from it or not, due to the fact that the most effective way to deal with an issue most often is to open a ticket. This mode of communication makes the responses exchanged by both sides easy to follow and enables the client support engineers to escalate the problem if, for instance, a system administrator needs to intervene. Most often, the ticketing system is not directly connected to the hosting space and is part of the billing account, which implies that you must have no less than 2 separate accounts to get in touch with the client support staff and to actually administer the hosting space. Non-stop logging in and out of different accounts could often be a drag, not to mention the fact that it requires quite a long time for the majority of hosting providers to answer the ticket requests themselves.

Integrated Ticketing System in Hosting

In stark contrast with what you may find with a lot of other web hosting providers, the ticketing system that we use with our Linux hosting is an indivisible part of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comes with all web hosting accounts. You will not have to memorize different logon names and passwords, as you’ll be able to manage your tickets and the web hosting account itself from one location. So, if you have an inquiry or encounter a predicament, you can contact our support team members on the spur of the moment. Our system comes with an intelligent search option. This implies that even if you have opened tons of tickets over the years, you’ll be able to find the one that you need without effort. Plus, you can check knowledge base suggestions for handling commonly confronted problems.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers

In case you have a semi-dedicated server account with us and you would like to get in touch with our customer support staff, you will be able to submit a support ticket straight from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel instead of going through a completely different help desk support platform like you’ll have to do with the vast majority of hosting providers on the market. Our integrated ticketing system will allow you to post a new ticket with ease and to search through older tickets using an intelligent search box. You will also be able to have a look at the relevant knowledge base articles that our system will present to you based on the problem category that you select for your new ticket. You can do all of the aforementioned activities without logging out of your Hepsia Control Panel at any time, so in case you face any predicament or have an inquiry, you can get in touch with our support engineers and resolve the problem in question in no more than sixty minutes using one single support platform.